Data usage on my iPad.

After almost a month and a half of using Data on my new iPad I will have to say I am quite happy. I have not even come close to using my limits and I have been leaving my 4G enabled throughout the day for quicker access which in turn makes me want to use my iPad to check emails, text or weather more often. I might be using 400-500 MB/month. Right now, mid way through the month I am at about 165 MB. I have also started to stream some audio and a little video just to see how much Data that will use and I don't see much change in my usage. My Verizon coverage has been good and LTE ok but not everywhere. I have been able to get online almost anywhere I have been around the Twin cities area so far. That's great to see and I will probably suspend my clear services next month for now.

I will be going to northern Minnesota this coming weekend so we will see how well Verizons services hold up at and around my cabin in northern Minnesota. I will also be testing out our new internet service at the cabin that was hooked up this past week from Paul Bunyan Communications. I am very excited to try out this new service because this is the first time we will have internet at the cabin. The speeds will vary up to 10MB, is what they said. I am within 1 mile of their Fiber link so it will still be on copper but using a newer technology to reach the speeds up to 10MB (Calix E5-100 Ethernet Service Access Node). We will see! I will post some speeds tests when we get up there given everything is working. Cross your fingers.