Verizon 4G LTE Vs Clear 4G WiMAX


I did a comparison speed test today with my iPad. The test was with the built in Verizon 4G LTE service on my iPad and my Clear iSpot 4G WiMAX device. The first test done was in the west side of Chaska Minnesota. Verizon was good but clear had no connection available at all. Verizon 4G LTENot to bad but, Verizon can do better. let's see if Clear can compete at all when we move closer in the city. Next test was done in Edina Minnesota. This time I had a great signal with the Clear iSpot but speeds were only as good as Verizon on it's outer limits in Chaska. Even at these speeds it's still pretty good and I can stream video with little problems.Verizon 4G LTE Clear iSpot 4G WiMAXThings look a little better with Clear when you consider that the 4G on their device is unlimited 4G Data at $25/month total. Verizon's plan for 4G LTE is $30/month for 2 GB of Data + taxes bring it to around $35/month. I am not sure how much Data I will use in a month but with a 2GB limit I will always turn off my Cellular Data on the iPad and will need to turn it back on when needed. This is a little bit of a pain when I usually leave my Clear iSpot on when I know I am in covered areas. Unfortunately Clear does not offer the iSpot any more but you can get their $49.99 unlimited 4G Moblie plan. We'll see in the coming months just how much data I use and maybe I can find a happy split between the two services when I need to use more data or need better coverage. The question will be if I just need to jump up to Verizon's $50/month 5GB Data plan or wait to see how Clear's service and coverage is when they upgrade their network to 4G LTE next year. More information here on blog.