Best Buy planning to revamp stores?

With the announcement last Thursday of a major initiative to cut costs and to close 50 big box US retail stores, open 100 Mobile stand-alone outlets in 2013 and to revamp its stores, Best Buy after posting disappointing fourth-quarter sales and offering lackluster guidance for the year ahead. What are their plans to improve retail stores and to provide a better customer experience? I have heard of talk of making a kiosk information center as you enter the stores where you will be able to go and get information and locations in the store of goods you are interested in. Another thing I heard was inhouse clinics similar to Home Depot for free classes on the stuff you buy. Maybe they will offer a class on basic word processing or setting up your WiFi in your house after you buy your new router. Services from the Geek Squad may also have a face lift and new customer service plans may be in site with focus on better support and may  include remote help to get you back up and running. We'll see what happens and I don't know for sure what will or will not even happen.