Activating The New iPad with 4G LTE!

I went in to the Verizon store today to activate Data service on my New iPad. Wow, what an experience it's been trying to get the correct details on activating the Data services and getting the right monthly pricing for both the Data and Hotspot features for the iPad. It would seem that many of the sales people I spoke to in the stores and over the phone are referring to plans and activation procedures for a 4G phone and no one is really understanding that the iPad plans are different. When I got home and looked at how the salesmen wrote up my Data contract he charged me a $35 activation fee which I knew was not right. So back on the phone I went to talk to someone else about getting it straighten out. I went on Verizon's web site and looked up the iPad plans again to make sure nothing has changed from the first time I read them, it was still the same as you can see below.

Select the right Data Plan For You from Verizon website.

The gentlemen I spoke with at Verizon seemed to know a little more and provided me with the right information. He changed my contract so I didn't have the activation fee. I told him about the experiences with other Verizon sales people and he sympathized with me and told me that because this was a new service it may take some time before they all get on the same page and they work out the troubles with getting Data plans activated on the New iPad.

During this process I decided to also set up online access on the Verizon website so I could see my account and make sure everything looked good, but problems arose setting that up also. When setting up a new Verizon account on their website they walk you through a process of getting your phone number that the account was activated with and ask you to create a user name and then they verify you with the last 4 numbers of your social. After you submit that information you go to the next screen to create a password, it says they will send you a temporary password by text to your cell number. Well, how can that work? It's an iPad not a phone. So I tell this to the nice gentlemen I am speaking with from Verizon-that has been really great so far getting me straightened out with the right plan details and correcting my service contract and he puts me on hold again. When he gets back he tells me he understands what has happened and says again this is another problem with the new iPad Data plan set up and that Verizon would mail me a letter with the temporary password to finish the account set up process. He said that the temporary number is computer generated and it would take 1 or 2 days to get to me but everything else went through just fine and I should be all set. Well that's great and all but, Verizon needs to get their sh*t to gather and educate their employees' and make this process a bit easier. I will keep you informed on how things progress and leave some updates on 4G speeds in the next few days. Stay Tuned!

Update: Testing 4G speeds with SpeedTest.Net ipad app

Update 2: Today when I turned on 4G Service on the iPad I instantly got a text message from Verizon with a temporary password. Nice to see that I can receive text messages from Verizon, but I'm not sure if I can text using my iPad number for free. When I went to enter the temporary password in Verizon website it didn't work. :( I had to call Verizon and have them clear out my account and start over. This worked and I can now access my account on line and use the my Verizon app on the iPad.