4G LTE on The New iPad

Stopped by a Verizon store this weekend to ask a few questions about activating 4G on The iPad. The sales people in the store tried to tell me that the hotspot service for the iPad would cost an additional $20/ month and if I would activate before the end of March I could get the $30 2GB plan with 4GB of Data. I told him that I didn't think that this was correct but he assured me that it was and would cost an extra $20 for the hotspot. Needless to say he was wrong about both. When we left the store we drove down the road and on the way to Costco I saw another Verizon store and decided to stop and talk to someone in that store. I told him what the other sales man said at the previous store and he said he was wrong. Hotspot on The iPad is included with a Data plan and the extra 2 GB is only for 4G phones. I am using my Clear 4G iSpot now for Data on The iPad which is only $25/ month for unlimited Data. The service is good, speeds are ok but coverage can be spotty. I will active the 4G Data on my iPad next week and make some comparisons between them and report back.