What about problems with The New IPad?

I have been reading and talking to others about issues with heat and charging problems with the New iPad and I guess I just have not had any major concerns or have seen these issues with my iPad. I use my iPad from the time I wake up in the morning turning up my heat and turning on lights to controlling my Logitech squeeze box to listening to the morning news and checking my emails. I don't play a lot of games except Snoopy's Street Fair so the heat issue has not been a problem either. I can see some differences from my first gen. iPad but then again when I first got my first iPad I saw some battery life problems which disappeared after time. Now, I guess It just isn't a concern because the battery on the new iPad last all day for me without the worry of running out and I use it a lot. I plug in my iPad at my bed side every night and it will charge completely over night. We'll see over time how things progress and if people continue to have problems and if apple addresses them with some kind of update. I will keep you informed with my experience as time goes on.