Echo Show

echo show

I love the echo products and I use them everyday to control lights, TV and thermostat.

I will get an echo show when I can get it at a discount and most likely use it in the kitchen. Once you start using voice to turn lights on and off it becomes habit and the way I most often expect to control my lights and TV. We are not quite there yet with capabilities and integration, but it keeps getting better as time goes on.

You really need an echo in every room so you don't need to talk loud so Alexa can hear you. It doesn't feel very natural. When I get up in the middle of the night, the echo in the bedroom is to far away to hear me without speaking loud. I am working towards getting echo in every room. I look forwards to next Black Friday! I want to be able to answer my Ring Video Door Bell with this!

Apple TV Streaming Service?

It would be nice to have a reason to watch my Apple TV I actually really like the interface. I have been using Roku box and Xbox 360 because they work with plex.

Plex on the Xbox One and Xbox 360!

It’s Official, Plex for Xbox is here!
That’s right, friends! We’ve been hard at work lovingly building Plex for XboxOne and Xbox 360, and we’re ready to pull back the curtain on the brand new big-screen Plex apps.

Windows 10 Build Download


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